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Our Family

Apart from being long-time dog breeders, our family loves to have fun. We feel very fortunate to be in Utah where there are so many outdoor activities to keep us busy year round. In the winter we have skiing (cross-country and downhill), snowboarding, snow shoeing, and ice skating. In the summer we have camping, fishing, beautiful mountain hikes, rafting, canoeing, repelling, rock climbing, and boating activities on nearby lakes and reservoirs.

We also are a highly musical family. Our piano rarely gets a rest and we attend concerts and performances for 5 choirs that have members in our home. Life is great and we are so thankful for the blessings we enjoy everyday in our family. Religion plays a key role in our home and it gives us cause to find joy and happiness in everything around us.

Our Story of how we became breeders of Goldendoodle and Bernedoodle puppies

We are a family that has always had a strong love of dogs. Our first ‘baby’ was a darling American Eskimo back in 1995, months after our marriage began. That beautiful girl created beautiful puppies and was a joy to have in our home.

As our family grew and we were blessed with children we began to notice that certain attributes of some breeds of dog worked very well in a family atmosphere, while others did not. Some dogs are great with its family, but snappy with family friends. Other dogs are very playful and energetic, but also very anxious when the weather changes! And there are some that are so sweet and have such a perfect balance of playfulness and calm, but that make our eyes water and noses drip from allergies!

A few years back we became breeders of Golden Retrievers. Each litter has been such a wonderful experience for our family. To our family, puppies are just magical! We eagerly watch as they grow in their mama’s tummy, are thrilled to see their little faces when they are delivered, and marvel as they move through each milestone of growth and maturity. Our puppies have been amazing and have had exciting lives! We have had puppies that have been trained as service dogs, some who have gone to hunting school, and even one that participated in Doggie Surf lessons! And many, of course, have proven to be great at just being the love of their family’s lives.

We have been blessed by meeting many wonderful families that are well prepared and eager to adopt one of our puppies. Our hearts just break when someone has just the right home to offer, but after some exposure realizes that allergies will be to large a problem for them. We have seen this happen multiple times. This has lead us to explore other breeding options! Our research has convinced us that mating our Golden Retriever to a Standard Poodle stud would help us create a puppy that would possibly overcome the allergy hurdle! And the result we became breeders of Goldendoodles!

In the fall of 2014 we began offering our beautiful litters of Bernedoodles! We are very excited to see these darlings! They are puppies that have very gentle temperaments, playful personalities, and beautiful wavy coats with gorgeous markings. See all of the Bernedoodle details on our “What’s a Bernedoodle?” page.

Our Doodles are the best companions you will ever have. Please, enjoy looking around our site and contact us if you have any questions.