Guardianship Opportunities

We currently have an F1b Goldendoodle (Willow) needing a guardian home. She is almost 2 years old and fully crate-trained. If you are interested in this guardianship opportunity, please feel free to read the requirements below and you email us for additional information

If you are interested in being a puppy guardian, please read the guardianship requirements below and feel free to email us for more information.

Guardianship Requirement

A Guardianship is an extremely important element of our happy parent, happy puppy recipe. These precious homes allow our parent dogs the joy of having their own forever family. They also receive quality personal time and attention throughout their breeding season of life.

We look at guardian homes as a partnership that see that all needs of our parent dogs, physical, social, and emotional, are met! Guardian families and our family work together to accomplish this.

In short, the Guardian family must live within 60 miles of Orem, Ut. The family must keep the puppy or adult dog current on all vaccinations and monthly Heartgard. It is important to have your own home with a securely fenced back yard. We also require that the dog is allowed to live inside the home with the family. Training is highly recommended as it makes all phases of growth easier for the dog and their family.

The breeder supplies a healthy, pick of the litter puppy or adult dog for a non-refundable deposit of $1000.00. This is significantly less that the animal is worth. We also take care of the financial aspect and all appointments relating to breeding (health tests, genetic tests, prenatal ultrasounds, post natal visits, etc.). We limit our Guardian homed females to having 3 full litters. All litters are delivered at my home and the mother will stay here until the puppies are fully weaned and independent of her. We expect to have the mother here once each year when she has matured and is approved by our Vet as ready to breed. There is compensation for each litter that will be given to the Guardian Family that is unique to each female.