Meet the Grown-Ups


Standard F1 Goldendoodle


DSC_5957Our little dot is not so little anymore! We named her Dot because she was as tiny as a dot when she was born, at least compared to her brothers and sisters! Dot was born in our home, daughter of Gertie and Royce. She has truly stolen our hearts with her warm chocolate eyes and her teddy bear face. She is very smart and usually does as she is told; but definitely has a mischievous streak in her! Dot is very playful and full of liveliness.She is great at fetch and loves to come barreling down our hallway chasing her ball. Dot’s coat is incredibly soft and sheds the tiniest bit and needs trimming every few months. She is exactly what I wanted to see in a First Generation Goldendoodle. She is a wonderful balance of her sire and dam, with long soft wavy hair, great intelligence, minimal shedding, and a beautiful temperament. Dot’s preliminary health testing shows hips Good (OFA), and elbows Normal (OFA).


Purebred Standard Poodle

IMG_2656“Lilah” is another of our gorgeous tri-colored Standard Poodles. She is Jasmine’s half-sister and littermate. We are always amazed at how gentle Lilah is, considering how large she is! She is truly a sweetheart. Lilah is perfectly behaved and loves all people.

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She loves to snuggle in for some loves whenever you sit by her and she has such a quiet, unassuming manner. Her favorite game is chasing and fetching balls and running around outside, but when she comes inside the house, she is wonderfully calm. Lilah is a strong, healthy girl and will be completing her health tests in February.


Purebred Standard Poodle

DSC_1234Jasmine is our one of our beautiful Standard Poodles. She has a beautiful soft and curly tri-colored, brindle, phantom coat. This gorgeous girl is lively and so playful! One of her favorite activities is hiking mountain trails. She is as graceful as a deer as she leaps over logs and through tall grasses! DSC_1221We think she is a deer at heart! She has a gentle sweetness about her and completely loves everyone she meets. Jasmine is always friendly with grownups and children, and truly enjoys her doggie best friends. Jasmine comes from gorgeous healthy lines and will be completing her health testing shortly! She has been thoroughly checked with our vet and is found to be in perfect condition.


Purebred Bernese Mountain Dog


Sampson is our handsome Bernese Mountain Dog. He is a gorgeous example of markings, shiny coat, and absolutely loveable personality. Sampson is on the small side of Bernese Mountain dogs, weighing in at 80 pounds. He loves to be with people and is happy all of the time. He greets you with a huge smile, at least that is what it looks like, and a leans in for a love. DSC_1229His best little buddy is an active 4 year old child that he loves dearly. He is the sweetest little giant! Sampson has been checked by our vet for thorough physical soundness and has received clearance from the OFA for hips and elbows completely free of dysplasia.


F1 Mini Bernedoodle


Purebred Tiny Poodle


Purebred Bernese Mountain Dog (retired)


One of our newest additions to our canine family is our beautiful AKC registered Bernese Mountain Dog, Attie. She is without a doubt the most loving dog I have known. She loves to be near my family; and I really mean near! When I work in the garden Attie is right there with me sitting in my lap, resting her head on my shoulder. Yes, her size does make it pretty tricky to get much weeding or planting done! But, she is such a cuddler I have a hard time telling her to scoot away. Attie is also very obedient. She has excitement coursing through her as she waits to be fed or to be given a treat, but she always sits until I give her the okay to eat. Her sparkling brown eyes speak of pure devotion to her human family. What a doll!

DSC_5974Attie’s health reports have been done on her heart (OFA certified) and her hips (OFA Good) and her elbows (OFA Normal and dysplsia free).


Standard F1 Goldendoodle (retired)

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©2015 Northridge Goldens - Goldendoodles and Bernedoodles

Chloe is Dot’s younger sister. Her parents are Gertie and Royce and she is a great combination of both parent’s characteristics. She is a beautiful, large F1 Goldendoodle weighing in at 62 pounds and her height is 23 inches at the shoulder. Watching her run at full tilt is such as joy! She has such grace and elegance in her gait! She loves to play and is so eager to please her family! Chloe is due to have her health testing completed this July and she will likely have her first litter late in fall 2015.


Purebred Mini Poodle

Purebred Mini Poodle

Purebred Mini Poodle